Nature's Showplace
Photo montage: children relaxing outside, sunlight filtering through a forest, sunflowers, and a girl holding a pink ball

Parks & Recreation

Park Recreation Program

Rollingstone has a summer Park Recreation program that has an enrollment of over seventy pre-school and school age children, and is offered to residents of Rollingstone and the surrounding area.  The program offers age appropriate activities at the city park and offers numerous field trips.  

Park Shelter Reservations

The city has two pavilions available to reserve.  Citizens can reserve a pavilion for no charge and non-citizens must pay a fee of $50.  If there is more than 50 people at the pavilion, the city asks that a fee of $1 per person over the first 50 be paid.  The Park Center building is also available to reserve and costs $50.  Please contact the city office to make a reservation.    
Rollingstone, Minnesota