Nature's Showplace
Photo montage: children relaxing outside, sunlight filtering through a forest, sunflowers, and a girl holding a pink ball

The city office is currently located in the Rollingstone Community School.  The city clerk-treasurer and public works supervisor share the office space.    

City Clerk-Treasurer 
Jamie Hengel
61 Main Street 
Rolingstone, MN  55969
PH: (507) 689-4110
Fax: (507) 689-4439

Public Works Supervisor
Jeff Speltz
61 Main Street 
Rollingstone, MN  55969
PH: (507) 410-2064 (city garage)

Public Works Employee
Christopher Galewski, Jr.
61 Main Street 
Rollingstone, MN 55969
PH: (507) 410-2064 (city garage)

Rollingstone, Minnesota